” Thank you so much for all your hard and effective work, your unwavering support and constant attention. I am a much happier person. ” Mr. S.S.

” Thank you for all the support, warmth and goodwill , for your acceptance and being someone I could believe in with love and appreciation. ” Ms. H.M.

” My spiritual side feels more developed which has brought calmness and steadied me.” Mr. A.C.

” A safe and compassionate professional. ” Ms. J.C.

” You were a kind, neutral, listening presence who shared and understood all that I am becoming. “

” Just want to say thank you so much. I feel much better and have more clarity. You have been such a great help to me.
Thank you Gregor. ” Ms. F.A.

” Thank you for accompanying me on my therapeutic journey… Over the years you helped me gain better insight and understanding by listening attentively with compassion and without judgement, gently providing options and guidance and, most importantly, letting the answers arise from within myself. ” Mrs. S.R.

” My sessions with Gregor have helped me through the most stressful and upsetting time of my life… I trust Gregor to be honest and
sincere , he does not judge and I know that he has my best interests at heart. I am grateful to Gregor for his help and his professionalism over the years and would not hesitate to ask for his help in the future and indeed recommend him to my family and friends.” Mr.S.C.

” The standard of Gregor’s work is very high indeed. I trust his professionalism and dedication to his clients.”
Mrs. O.A. Clinical Supervisor